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CFPB Guest Blog: How to Help Employees Improve Their Financial Well-Being

July 19, 2017

The workplace can provide many financial solutions, such as medical benefits, retirement plans, and tuition assistance. But employees’ financial lives—and worries—extend beyond these programs. That’s one reason employers are looking at holistic financial wellness benefits that consider their employees’ full financial situations.

The Digital Frontier for Financial Services

June 20, 2017

As we study these innovations, our focus will be on you, the consumer. How can banks, insurance companies, credit and finance companies offer customers the products and services they want, in a timely fashion using the best innovations?

FinTech and Fast Corners

June 1, 2017

Innovation – even the financial type – can be exciting, and shouldn’t be stifled just because the regulatory tools don’t exist that can protect the system while allowing for innovative thinking necessary to meet the changing financial expectations of consumers.