December 20, 2017


Starmount Adopts LaSalle​

Starmount Adopts LaSalle​
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Starmount/Unum employees volunteer for JA in a Day. L to R (upper row): Allyson Bombet, Brian Morin, Laura Vavrek, Jennifer Woods, Brianna Hair. (Lower row) Meghann Morin, Julie Andre, Debra Caine, Kate Benedetto, Melissa Gonzalez, Deborah Sternberg (Starmount President), and Cynthia Jarvis.

Starmount found the perfect partnership to promote all three Unum pillars – adoption of a local school as its community partner.

LaSalle Elementary, located a few blocks from Starmount, has a high population of lower income students and a need for additional resources. Starmount volunteers participate in monthly programs and special events at LaSalle. Employees read to students twice a month, and assisted during the school’s annual Fall Festival fundraiser.

The company also sponsored two key programs: “JA in a Day” where volunteers taught financial literacy to several classes and an artist in residency program for third grade students. Starmount purchased 70 new coats for LaSalle students to keep warm this winter, in addition to collecting 119 coats for charity.

“This partnership is about investing in our children and our community,” said Starmount President Deborah Sternberg. “We look forward to continuing our work with the students next year.”

Congratulations Unum!